Synesthesia | How do people experience it?

What is synesthesia? Well, it’s difficult to describe because everyone who experiences it, experiences it in different ways. That’s why we went and spoke to several synesthetes and recreated their experiences.

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon. It involves our brain routing sensory information in an atypical way, in which stimulation of one sensory cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second pathway. The result is you experience more than one sense simultaneously.

Sometimes this can be associating numbers with specific colors in your head. Common cases involve certain tastes having associated pictures, or soundtracks and music instilling colors.

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A more unusual example of synesthesia is certain words tasting like specific foods, from ‘people’ tasting like meatballs, to ‘English’ being sour like lemon and ‘banjos’ sweet like Oreos. 

Fascinating, right? Let us know if you’ve experienced any synesthesia. If not, would you like to?

This isn’t our only story about unusual sensory experiences. You might also want to check out the time we tried smell VR in the video below.

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