Would you ski down a volcano? This man does

With summer approaching, it might seem like the ski season is behind us, but Claudio Lanzafame doesn’t let the changing seasons stop him from shredding. In fact, the slopes he heads down are incredibly hot. Meet the man who skis down a volcano. 

Claudio started skiing at the age of four, and it’s fair to say he’s pretty good. While his antics on Sicily’s Mount Etna might be his most eye-catching trick, he’s an elite skier on more traditional, snow-covered mountains as well. 

Mount Etna, however, is close to his heart. He spends most of the year living nearby, and says he feels a certain nostalgia when he’s away from it – “like something is missing to my soul, to my life…In this moment, I take my skis and go up.”

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Unsurprisingly, Mount Etna doesn’t have a ski lift and so it’s up to Claudio to make the hike up. Located on the picturesque east coast of Sicily, it is the tallest active volcano in Europe and one of the most active, yet Claudio maintains that respecting your surroundings is still the most important component when climbing Etna. 

The views from the top are breathtaking. 

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