Tell us about Your Great Big Story!

Great Big Story tells the untold, the undiscovered and the flat out amazing! And 2023 sees the relaunch of the channel! We want to hear from you if you have or know of a Great Big Story that you would like to see on our platform!

Pitch Guidelines


- Tell me something I've never heard
- Show me something I've never seen
- What's the third thing?

i.e. if you've got an incredible female free diver, what else makes her stand out? Does she have one lung? Does she live a thousand miles from the sea? Did she learn to swim when she was 65?
Look for jeopardy and extremes.


The process and the setting need to be visual, as well as the end result/ product. Think about your setting and the three scenes you’ll be able to film Will you be including sweeping drone shots, super close ups, slow motion or creative storytelling (i.e. stop motion, flatlays, jump cuts, quirky transitions)


The person telling the story needs to be really engaging, quirky and full of anecdotes

The key to this is research chats. Get people on the phone, find out what they're like and what stories they can tell us.