The Onion With Its Own Festival
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The Onion With Its Own Festival

The Grand Festival of the Calçotada is celebrated on the last Sunday of January, and the city of Valls, Spain, throws the biggest pa...
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Eating Spaghetti Ice Cream in Germany

You don’t need a fork to eat this plate of spaghetti. Just a spoon will do. And that’s because it’s not actually spaghetti. It’s Spa...
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Why Sweden Loves Food in Tubes

Food in a tube is popular in Sweden. You can get caviar in a tube, spreadable bacon-flavored cheese in a tube, tomato puree in a tub...
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7 Ways to Eat Pizza | Around the World

No matter how you slice it, one pizza-themed episode of “Around the World” simply wasn’t enough for Great Big Story senior producer...